Hardy Water Lilies

Hardy water lilies add shade for the koi and when planted in the gravel will feed off the waste that fish produce helping to keep the water clean and healthy. Most lilies will bloom from sping into fall and add color to the pond.

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Colorado Water Lily

The Colorado water lily has unique salmon-colored flowers stand 3" to 4" above the water's surface and bloom late into the season with a pleasant fragrance. The blooms are a soft pink on the outer petals to a soft peach color on the innermost petals. Blooms change color as the season progresses.

Almost Black Water Lily

Almost Black waterlily features deep red flowers that are nearly black at the center. This hardy water lily is very free flowering and and is very popular for its enticing looks.

Queen of Whites Water Lily

The Queen of Whites water lily is a very free-flowering variety with cup-shaped blossoms that are pure white. It was hybridized in Australia by Gedeye in 1970.

Chromatella Water Lily

The Chromatella water lily is a very free flowering water lily with canary-yellow fragrant flowers 4" to 6" across.