Water Treatments

Ponds are artificial bodies of water that are often too small to have their own chemical balance. Using pond water treatments can bring these miniature eco-systems into balance and ensure clear water and healthy pond life. Many nutrients are missing that are essential for koi health and color.

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Pond Bacteria Sludge Remover with Barley

Pond Force 2-in-1 product contains both beneficial pond bacteria and pulverized barley straw powder and has been formulated for koi ponds and water gardens. Packaged in 1 oz. water soluble packets for easy dosing. Eliminated murky water, excess fish food, fish food and decaying plant material. 1 packet treats 1000 gallons of water.

Pond Bacteria Coldwater Blocks

Clears murky water and eliminates bottom sludge. Coldwater Blocks are recommended for water temperatures down to 35 deg F. Also works in water temperatures up to 95 deg F. Helps jump start your pond in the spring by adding beneficial bacteria and removing decaying matter.

UltraClear Koi Clay 4 lb

Creates an ideal habitat on the bottom of the pond by providing essential minerals including calcium, magnesium and other trace elements for improved bone and scale growth of Koi and Goldfish.

Pond Balance

Pond Balance is a widely accepted pond treatment for reducing organic debris and string algae. Unbalanced pond conditions may contribute to excess organic debris in ponds, streams, pump intakes, and filters. Pond Balance keeps certain nutrients at bay. This helps provide a healthy and beautiful pond without harm to plants, fish, or bacteria.