Hardy Marginal Water Plants

Hardy marginal plants add beauty and contrast to the waters edge of a pond and feed off the waste produced by koi. Some marginals such as watercress and water celery become a food source for koi and should be protected with some kind of barrier. Most marginals bloom in the spring to add a splash of color to the pond.

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Watercress is an excellent plant food source for koi. Watercress contains significant amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid, in addition to vitamins A and C, and koi love it. Koi are omnivorous and need vegetable matter in their diet.

Water Celery

Oenanthe Japonica Hardy to zones 4-10. Grows well in moist soil to 6” of water. Grow in full sun to part shade. As dark green leaves blooms a little white flower in July to August. Koi love to eat the leaves it’s a great source of vitamins. Excellent water filterr in bio falls or tucked into a nook. Very easy to grow. Can be in

Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris

The most vigorous Louisiana Iris ever grown with a flower up to 6" wide and so velvety that gardeners can't resist touching the deep purple petals. The golden throats highlight the ebony hues of the blooms. Splendid in any setting, Black Gamecock is especially effective in waterside plantings.

Colorific Bi-Color Louisiana Iris

Colorific Louisiana Water Iris - Hardy zones 4-11. Colorific produces large, showy flowers beginning in late spring through early summer. Beautiful bi-color white, lavender to deep violet flowers add amazing color and beauty to your water garden. The graceful green foliage grows to about 30" tall.

Red Fulva Iris

Red Iris Fulva is a Louisiana Iris species and is native to the central United States and the swamps and wetlands of the deep south. It has bright green leaves with copper red to brick red flowers in late spring.