Matala is an inovative manufacturer with roots in the biological filtration of waste water. Their filter media sheets have been used for many years in the biological treatment of water from koi ponds to waste water treatment plants world wide.

Other products include efficient water pumps, floating fountains, and aeration systems, Their aeration systems include air pumps, weighted tubing and air diffusers and manifolds.

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Matala 3/8" Weighted Air Tubing

Matala self sinking air hose, made of thick wall PVC hose, is designed to sink to the bottom of your pond without additional weight.

Matala Geyser Max-Flow

Geyser Max-Flow pumps were specially designed with a stainless steel motor and composite resin base for high performance and efficiency.

Matala Versiflow

The Versiflow line of pumps from Matala are excellent for Heavy and continuous flow duty. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, are fully submersible and handle solids up to 3/8". 2 year manufacturer warranty.