EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmers

EasyPro AXIOM Pond Skimmers

Axiom LogoNew Axiom Pond Skimmers for 2012

EasyPro AXIOM Pro-Series skimmer with a front-to-back design allowing pump to sit behind debris net instead of beside it.

Available in 4 sizes ranging from 5000 to 11000 gph.

Axiom LogoEasyPro Pro-Series skimmer/filter combines mechanical and biological filtration all in one!

Axiom 3600 Skimmer Filter
Price: $484.95
Axiom 5000 Skimmer
Price: $365.95
Axiom 7000 Skimmer
Price: $379.95
Axiom 9000 Skimmer
Price: $459.95
Axiom PSA11000 Skimmer
Price: $469.95
EasyPro Extension Tube | Skimmer
Regular Price: $104.98
On Sale For: $94.95