Kasco Marine Fountains

KoiTek Fluidized FilterFalls

Every koi pond enthusiast wants there water to be this clear.

NOW it is posssible with the KoiTek Fluidized FilterFalls® - learn more

Kasco Marine Fountains

Kasco Floating Fountains

Keep your pond beautiful and healthy with a Kasco Floating Fountain

FREE SHHIPPING on all Kasco fountains and light kits - learn more

Atlantic ColorFalls

Atlanic ColorFalls

Enhance your outdoor living space with Atlantic ColorFalls - learn more

ProEco Fountain Nozzles

ProEco Fountain Nozzles

Build a custom fountain with fountain nozzles from ProEco - learn more

Atlantic Color Changing LED Pond Lighting

Atlantic Color Changing LED Pond Lighting

Add a night time display to your water garden with Sol Color Changing LED pond lighting - learn more

Whether You’re Building a New Water Garden, or Upgrading Your Existing One…

For the Most Beautiful Koi Ponds, Get The Best.

Koi Pond Fever. Highest Quality Pond Supplies at Affordable Prices.

Koi Pond Fever has the premium pond supplies you need, at the prices you can afford. We also have the information and support you’re looking for to design, implement and maintain a perfectly functioning koi pond or water garden.

At Koi Pond Fever…

-We research every item we sell. We stand behind all our products as the very best available to keep your koi pond healthy and beautiful!
-We give personal and prompt attention to every customer. At Koi Pond Fever, we value your business. Let us help you get exactly what supplies you need, when you need it.
-We continue to offer you technical support and assistance long after your purchase. We can answer questions, help you troubleshoot, and guide you to the best practices in keeping your koi pond in top condition.
-We offer secure check out and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything you buy.


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For the Most Beautiful Koi Pond…Get The Best at Koi Pond Fever.

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