Koi Pond Photos

The koi pond photos below show the construction of a pond built below a pre-existing retaining wall. A 15 X 30 foot liner was used and 2 waterfalls were created between the rocks. After running the plumbing under the bottom and spreading the liner, they mortared flat rocks for the waterfall on top the liner. After the mortar setup they filled the pond and ran the pump to test the water flow over the rocks for the waterfall and test for leaks. Notice the liner is well above the water line at the waterfalls. Included are photos taken 3 months later to show how the liner was hidden with rocks and plants. Notice the waterfall looks very natural like it's supposed to be there.


The photos below are the same pond as above after some upgrading. This customer decided to add a stream with a series of cascading waterfalls. A koi pond is always a work in progress.

Lower Pond
Upper Stream and Waterfalls
Lower part of stream below bridge.
Pond view from above

This customer has constructed a koi pond from concrete, which is an addition to flow from her smaller pond. The EasyPro Skimmer was used with the EasyPro Extension tube, which is ideal for use with concrete walls. A 3" bottom drain was also incorporated.

Upper Pond
Larger view after addition
The koi pond construction
Concrete construction with stream from existing pond
Concrete Koi Pond After Construction
Koi pond after construction

The photos below are from a pond built up against the house. There are 3 pools and the skimmer is in the front pool. A small pool and the pool against the house flow into the front pool. The edges are made with flag stone that forms a walk way and lights are mortared into the rock to line the walk way.

This pond was made where originally there was a watershed. It spans the entire width of the property and includes an impressive waterfall with a stream leading to the lower pool. This is a good example of using the existing landscape to create a natural looking pond.

Send us photos of your pond and the story behind the construction. We would love to see your photos and customers would love to see them also. Send the photos to photos@koipondfever.com