Perry's Fire Opal

Perry's Fire Opal has deep rich pink flowers that float gracefully on the water's surface. This is a very reliable bloomer and often will have several large blooms open at once.
SKU: HL2011

Nymphaea “Perry's Fire Opal” Hardy from zone 4-11. Plant Size: Medium. Bred by Perry, flower is cup shape dark pink, 4”-6” across. Blooms have an almost iridescent glow. Has a spread of 3’-5’, odorato root system. Leaves are green. Will grow in 6” to 2.5’ of water. Best to grow in 1.5’ of water. This lily is one of the best sellers in America. Good for any type of water feature-It's a must have! Will tolerate shade. Blooms and grows well. Full sun.

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