KoiTek Filter Systems

KoiTek Filters Systems develop and produce filters systems with two things in mind, to provide the best possible water quality and minimum maintenance requirements. KoiTek utilizes the latest technologies to provide maximum biological filtration to maintain a healthy clear water environment for koi to thrive. They also reduce the amount of sludge that can build up in a koi pond.

Many koi pond enthusiasts build a koi pond with undersized biological filtration. In the beginning the koi pond may do just fine. As the koi grow and more koi are added the biological filtration becomes inadequate very quickly. This leads to disease, algae blooms, and koi mortality. Poor water quality and low oxygen levels give the algae an environment to thrive in. That is why KoiTek designed the Fluidized FilterFalls that will handle the fish waste from the feeding of over 1/2 pound of food per day. The KoiTek Fluidized FilterFalls media is self cleaning. This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic maintenance, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter.