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Windmill Aeration Systems

Windmill Aeration Systems

Aerate your pond or lake by harnessing wind power while adding a nostalgic look to the landscape with windmill aeration systems from Outdoor Water Solutions. Their new "BalCam" technology revolutionizes the industry by significantly increasing the amount of air produced with a single diaphragm utilizing a new balanced camshaft system. With this advanced windmill aeration system you can aerate a large pond and keep your koi alive in the event of a pump failure or prolonged power outage. Run up to 2 Koi Toilets (aerated bottom drains) with a single windmill aerator. Our Deluxe system comes with accessories to aerate a pond up to 2 - 3 acres in size.

The Outdoor Water Solutions “NEW” Windmill Aerator offers:

  • New patent pending "BalCam Technology that minimizes bearing fatigue
  • 73" Head turns at low wind speeds
  • Redesigned blades and front dome assembly for better air flow
  • Self-governing head to protect the unit in high winds
  • New secure locking mechanism that attaches the windmill head to shaft
  • Larger check valves and upgraded ½” airline to handle the increased air that is produced
  • High Air Output - 3.0-4.5 CFM rated at 30 psi
  • Full 5 year warranty on the compressor bearings and cams

Benefits of Pond Aeration:

  • Reduces algae, bacteria and odor
  • Adds oxygen and circulates stagnant water
  • Improves water quality for fish, livestock, recreational sites, golf courses and wildlife
  • Minimizes pond freezing
  • Reduces mosquito population by inhibiting breeding