Aquatic Plant Products

Top Aquatic Plant Products and Growing Pots Store is your best source for Aquatic Plant Products, offering Aquatic Planting Media, Growing Pots and more. Aquatic pond plants add beauty to the watergarden or koi pond watergarden. Plants also play and important role in water filtration, removing ammonia and nitrates from the water and keeping algae growth down. Aquatic plants also provides a food source for koi. Koi are omnivorous, meaning they eat both vegetable and meat food sources. Providing a plant food source such as watercress gives koi the nutrition they need in between feedings. We carry products for planting and caring for aquatic plants from growing pots to fertilizer tablets to keep the plants healthy and blooming. We also have products that enhance the beauty of the koi pond while protecting the plants from koi. We recommend when planting hardy water lilies, taking them out of the pot and rinse the roots. Plant them directly in the gravel and make sure the roots are well covered. Put fertilizer pellets in the gravel to give them a good start. The roots will spread under the gravel wider than the canopy of leafs and will add to the biological filter. They will bloom more without ever having to fertilize again. This works especially well in koi ponds. Koi are natural bottom feeders and will quickly uproot a potted water lilly if that is the only gravel in the pond. Tropical water lilies should be potted for easy removal in the fall.

Aquatic Planting Media, Koi, Pondcare, Plant Baskets, Fertilizer Tabs, and More

Our koi pond supplies include growing pots and lotus containers that contain no holes for water lilies and lotus. Microbe-Lift Aquatic planting media is specially formulated for aquatic plants pre colonized with beneficial bacteria. Plant baskets allow for plants to get nutrients from the water without loosing the planting media. Fertilizer tablets will keep potted water lilies blooming. Koi pond plants can be a difficult endeavor with large koi. Items like the laguna floating plant baskets add the beauty of plants to the koi pond while protecting the roots. Planting watercress in a floating basket will give the koi an important food source while protecting the roots. Freedom Ponds Islandscapes add the beauty of a floating island of plants while giving koi protection from predators. 

Koi Pond Fever is a Pond Supplies company. Our main offerings include: Koi Food and Aquatic Plant Products for your home water garden.