Pond Netting, Pond Heaters

KoiPondFever.com has winter Pond Maintenance supplies, including Pond Heater and Leaf Net, to meet your needs. Winter is a time of dormancy for your water garden. But the combined effects of low temperature, biological decomposition, and falling leaves can be dangerous for life in the pond. A completely frozen pond can build up toxic gases. Protecting your pond or water garden during these crucial months is an essential part of regular koi pond maintenance. While pond deicers or fish pond heaters will not remove an entire ice sheet from the pond surface, they do create a hole in the ice that prevents toxic gases from building up and harming your hibernating Koi and Goldfish. Protecting the pond with a leaf net will not only keep leaves out of the water garden, they also keep predators out. When using a leaf net it is important to create a dome to keep the net from sagging in the water. This will allow leaves to blow off the net and not build up in the middle and decay. This can be accomplished by using an inner tube or a beach ball. The Atlantic Pond Protector Net comes with poles and frame to create this dome. It is also important to have some kind of water flow in the winter months. Many people will shut down their main pumps in the winter. A small pump can be used to help the gas exchange and also keep part of the surface free of ice.